I invite the viewer to experience the powerful force of beauty.  This is expressed by the specific burst of radiance captured by blooming nature.  I view this beauty and intense energy as not only unique to flowers but also other seemingly ordinary experiences, encouraging the viewer to appreciate the process of attraction.  By weaving the space with contrasting images of foliage and explosions, I attempt to achieve an intense level of positive energy. 

As I investigate the relationship between alternating layers of shapes and colors within a frame, I am exploring the themes of how each individual dream blossoms out to a collective voice.  Assemblage of mirror pieces interweaving with brushstrokes encourages the viewers to rediscover themselves by reflecting their body gestures and facial expressions directly in my paintings.  Cloud shapes represent dreams, which are never fixed in form and are shifting, moving and changing.  Both dreams and clouds are complex systems that form and dissolve by subtle mysterious interactions that are immeasurable. 

It is my sincere hope to share the celebratory facets of life and provide an uplifting visual interaction through my works. 

All images copyright Suzy Taekyung Kim. All rights reserved.